Dollar General is on a hiring spree.

Dollar General has embarked on a hiring spree to recruit 50,000 workers within a few months.
The discount chain is one of many retail businesses to be hard hit by the labor shortage.
Some of its store workers have been rage-quitting jobs over working conditions and low pay.

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Dollar General wants to hire more than 50,000 workers in just under two months.

The discount chain, which is growing at a rapid rate and opening hundreds of new US stores each year, said it is hiring across various departments between now and Labor Day weekend as job openings across the US reach record highs.

The hiring spree includes workers for its stores, distribution centers, and company headquarters. The company is also hiring drivers for its private fleet of trucks.

Businesses across the US have been grappling with a tight labor market over the past few months. Retail and hospitality businesses have been especially hard-hit as workers quit to look for higher-paying jobs with better working conditions.

Dollar General is one such business to be impacted by this. Insider’s Aine Cain recently reported that three workers at one of its stores quit on the same day, leaving just one employee behind.

These workers said they quit in protest against low pay and working conditions. These are issues the company has been called out for in the past.

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To sell products at discount prices Dollar General’s business model relies on cost-cutting measures to keep store and labor expenses down. But workers say its stores are often understaffed and unsafe to work in because of this. They are more vulnerable to robberies and attacks, for example, according to workers.

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A Dollar General spokesperson did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

The tight market has forced businesses to become more creative in how they attract and retain workers, offering perks such as college tuition or free accommodation.

Dollar General said it would also offer perks to new hires, including a $5,000 signing-on bonus for new drivers, which would be paid out within the first six months, as well as credit hours toward a college degree.

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