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1. AT&T is combining WarnerMedia with Discovery to create a new streaming giant. The transaction paves the way for a streaming service that could compete with Netflix and Disney. The merger is shaking up leadership — leaving these execs vying for power. 

2. Bill Gates’ public image as a likable, nerdy do-gooder is starting to crack. Recent reports of Gates’ office affairs, “uncomfortable” workplace behavior, and ties to Jeffrey Epstein have started to paint an alternate picture of the Microsoft founder. A look at Gates’ other side.

3. Amazon is planning to launch “Diagnostics,” a brand that offers at-home medical tests. As part of its move into the broader healthcare space, the company is hoping to offer tests for COVID-19 and sexually transmitted infections — and more. Get the full scoop from our exclusive report.

4. Melinda French Gates named trust and estate lawyers in her filing for divorce from Bill Gates. Experts called the move “unusual,” saying it could mean she wishes to change the amount their three kids inherit. More on that. 

5. Apple has censored apps in China to please the government, according to a report in The New York Times. Apple, which relies on China’s supply chain, reportedly approved using servers run by Chinese firms, making it easier for authorities to access information on citizens. More details on how Apple caters to Beijing.

6. WeWork CEO apologizes for work-from-home comments after criticism from tech execs. Sandeep Mathrani said last week that only the “least engaged” employees want to continue working remotely, which sparked backlash. Read excerpts from his apology.

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7. Mark Cuban said he owns 3,250 dogecoins. In addition to the amount he bought with his son, Cuban receives inflows of dogecoin from ticket and merchandise sales for the Dallas Mavericks, the NBA team he owns. More on Cuban’s dogecoin holdings.

8. Google’s biggest conference of the year starts today. Google I/O often involves product announcements and demonstrations — and CEO Sundar Pichai is delivering the keynote address today. How to tune in.

9. We dug into the secret life of Ian Osborne, the unlikely lord of high finance and tech. The 38-year-old is a cofounder of Chamath Palihapitiya’s SPAC, which was at the forefront of the blank-check investment frenzy. We spoke with more than 30 of Osborne’s associates to learn more about the enigmatic cofounder — here’s a look inside his world. 

10. Hybrid work is a chance for leaders to redefine their work culture. Employees splitting their time between home and the office is now a common setup — but defaulting to hybrid is risky, as it can threaten inclusion and be confusing instead of freeing. These are a few things leaders should consider as they build a hybrid workplace.

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