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Before we get into everything else, let’s talk about Prince Philip. He had some kind of procedure on his heart last week at St. Bart’s in London. My theory – and I have nothing to back this up – is that it likely involved a stent. Having a stent put in or replaced would make sense for how the Palace and the media has treated Philip’s condition recently. First they acted like he was at death’s door, but now they’re making it sound like it was more of a routine situation for a pre-existing condition. On Friday, he was even transferred out of the cardiac ward at St. Bart’s and he was sent back to King Edward VII’s Hospital, which is where he was before. They say he’ll stay there for days longer.

As for Philip’s wife… I keep going back and forth about how involved she’s been with the absolute PR nightmare of the past week. As we know, “the Queen” is used as a stand-in for many repressed, enraged, racist a–holes across the media and within three royal courts, so people saying “the Queen will terribly upset about such-and-such” means that THEY are terribly upset. I think the Queen DGAF most of the time and it shows. It’s not so much that she’s actively terrible and willfully petty, it’s that she’s out-of-touch and tone-deaf and no one bothers to tell her to change. So here’s where things stand with the Queen and the Sussexes:

The Queen has not been given an ‘advance copy’ of Meghan and Harry’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, reports claim. Senior royals and Palace aides will watch the much-anticipated interview ‘at the same time’ as the rest of the world, with network CBS set to air the two-hour special in the US at 1am UK time on Monday morning.

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Officials have vowed to ‘reserve judgement’ on the show and will decide on Monday whether to make a public response in light of anything specific Meghan and Harry have to say. ITV will broadcast it at 9pm that evening. Sources yesterday told the Mirror the Queen does not have an ‘advance copy’ of the no-holds-barred special – which is set to contain ‘shocking’ revelations about Meghan’s short time as a working royal.

A friend earlier said Meghan would never ask to postpone Sunday’s release of her tell-all interview and claimed the royal family is using the Duke of Edinburgh’s health as an excuse to keep her ‘muzzled’.

Although most of the interview will be a one-to-one chat on what the duchess has to say about her brief but acrimonious time as a working royal, Harry is understood to come in towards the end to have his say on the media and discuss their plans for the future. It is believed that this approach has in part been done in an attempt to distance himself from any of the stronger allegations made about his own family …read more

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