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Drinking wine from a wine glass lets you fully enjoy its aroma, taste, and texture. 
For red wine, use a glass with a large bowl and wider opening to allow the wine to aerate. 
For white wine, use a glass with a smaller bowl and opening and a long stem to keep the wine cool and concentrate its aromas.
If you don’t want to buy two different sets of glasses, experts recommend a universal glass, which has a versatile shape to bring out the best qualities in red, white, and rosé wines. 

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You’ve educated yourself on different grapes and varietals and picked out an enticing bottle of wine to enjoy. But to fully experience that wine at its best, you can’t just pour it into any old drinking glass or mug. 

“The architecture of the wine glass is the final step in the journey from [the] vineyard to your palate. The height of the stem, the shape and size of the bowl, and even the base of the glass are intentionally designed to highlight the true expression of each varietal,” said Aime Dunstan, winery event manager at Cakebread Cellars. “Try pouring the same wine in glasses of differing shapes, and you will notice how the glass influences the aroma, flavor, and texture of the wine.” 

That’s why there are different glasses for red wine and white wine, and even within those categories, they’re split further into glasses for different varietals like Burgundy and Chardonnay. 

“Red wine glasses tend to have a wider bowl and larger opening, which carefully brings out the aromas in a smooth and soft way. On the other hand, white wine glasses are thinner all around, which turn up the intensity and keep the temperature of the wine cooler while you sip,” said Ronda Fraley, sommelier and founder of online wine club The Wine Party Co. 

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There are also universal glasses, which have a versatile shape that’s not too wide or narrow and enhances the taste of all types of wine. “I suggest beginners get their ‘feet wet’ by starting with a universal glass and then letting their passion grow from there,” suggested Aldo Sohm, wine director at Le Bernardin and Aldo Sohm Wine Bar. Sohm uses a universal glass as his standard tasting glass.

Our guide to the best wine glasses is split into three categories: red, white, and universal. All of our picks are based on research, expert input, and adherence to the typical features of each type of glass. about our methodology here. For each category, you’ll find glasses that suit a range of budgets, whether you want to invest heavily in the wine-sipping experience or stock up on low-maintenance glasses. 

Here are the best wine glasses: 

Best universal wine glasses: Schott Zwiesel, Good Trouble Glass, Gabriel-Glas,

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