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Meal kit delivery services cut down on the time spent planning meals and grocery shopping, but you still get to enjoy the fun of cooking. 
We tested a variety of meal kits and found Blue Apron to be the overall winner because of its creative, healthy, generously-portioned, and well-seasoned meals — not to mention its optional companion wine subscription service. 
That being said, if you tend to prioritize all-organic ingredients, a plant-based lifestyle, or fast prep time, you may prefer another meal kit service that caters to those specific preferences. 
If you want to save yourself even more time and effort while still eating right, check out our guide to the best pre-made meal delivery services.

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Note: The FDA announced there is no evidence that food produced in the US and imported foods can transmit COVID-19. There is also no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with the transmission of COVID-19.

Maybe it’s not the cooking you’re unwilling to do. It’s the recipe planning, the ingredient sourcing, and the shopping for difficult-to-find spices and cuts of meat that’s keeping you from your kitchen. But with the right meal kit, you’ll be able to (re)discover your inner chef and save yourself from ordering the same takeout meal for the fifth night in a row.

While the meal kit space seems more crowded than ever these days, there are certainly a few standouts. Of course, there are various factors that you should keep in mind before deciding which service is best for you, including dietary preferences and restrictions, eco-friendliness, and portion size. 

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Here are the best meal kits we’ve tried:

Best meal kit overall: Blue Apron
Best organic meal kit: Sun Basket
Best meal kit for variety: Home Chef
Best meal kit for quick dishes: HelloFresh
Best meal kit for simple dishes: Dinnerly
Best vegan meal kit: Purple Carrot

Prices and details are accurate as of 1/14/21. We’ve updated information about each service’s meal plans and will be looking at new services to test. 

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The best meal kit overall

If you’re looking for creative recipes, thoughtful kit design, and the inspiration necessary to start cooking more for yourself, Blue Apron is the way to go. 

Pros: Familiar recipes with a twist, wine pairing suggestions, easy-to-follow directions, options for both two and four-person families

Cons: Some recipes may not justify the price point, given that ingredients are quite straightforward and easy to find in your local supermarket

One of my primary complaints about many meal kits is that they often seem to be about two-thirds of a full meal. But with Blue Apron, this isn’t the case. For folks looking …read more

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