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Headphones are often chosen based on the wearer’s particular lifestyle or music preferences. But whether you’re a casual, passionate, or even professional music listener, you know the importance of having high-quality sound — and how the right headphones and volume settings are crucial to achieving this. 


But daily wear and tear, app and desktop settings, and more can diminish your volume and listening quality. To once again achieve your perfect listening experience, you may need to make some adjustments. However, it should be noted that 85 decibels for a maximum of eight hours a day is considered a safe range for listening to audio.

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How to make your headphones louder

Here are seven ways you can turn up the volume on your headphones. 


Clean your headphones

You can easily overlook some of the most straightforward solutions. If you use your headphones often, there’s a big chance they’ll accumulate dust and ear wax buildup. Cotton swabs, alcohol wipes, or a small cloth are a couple of things that can help prolong their lifespan and sound quality. 

Gently remove and wipe down the outer earpads with an alcohol wipe. As they air dry, take a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and clean the crevices. Dab a small cloth or an alcohol wipe gently against the mesh to sanitize and remove any lingering dirt or wax. Be sure to let both sections dry before reassembling.

For wireless earbuds, use a small toothbrush or slightly damp cotton swab and lightly brush the earbuds’ mesh until it’s free of dirt. If there are silicon tips at the end of the buds, remove them and let them soak in soapy water for three to five minutes.

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Boost the volume in your music app

Playback can sound different depending on what streaming platform or app you’re using, as each has its own set of default preferences. But you can manage your favorite streaming music app’s built-in volume settings. You just have to know how to access them to boost your sound volume. 

On Spotify, you can tap into the app’s Equalizer settings and get bass boosts or a surround sound experience, both of which can increase the volume on your headphones. You can go into the Advanced settings menu and toggle on the Higher Quality Audio feature on the Pandora app, though you might experience some music skipping as a result. 

Tidal users can turn on Enable Normalization and adjust the sound settings. To do this, access the Settings menu from the My Collection tab before selecting Loudness Normalization. After tapping Enable Normalization, drag the Pre-amp slider to the right to increase the volume at which the “loudness” will normalize.  

Use a volume boosting app

Created solely to help boost your audio output, these apps work with your phone’s built-in audio tools to override its maximum setting. They can be found in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, and both are relatively simple to set up. Just remember that louder audio means …read more

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