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Poshmark is an e-commerce marketplace where users can buy and sell used, new, and vintage clothing and accessories from individuals and boutiques.

Poshmark features millions of sellers, and dozens of categories depending on clothing styles and designers. 

To delete a Poshmark account, be sure to first redeem any outstanding sale balances if you’ve recently sold items on the app. Poshmark says it can’t process a deletion if there are any pending transactions or redeemable balances. Upon deletion, any listings you have on your account will also no longer be available, nor will any saved items from other closets. 

Deleting a Poshmark account is fairly similar on both the mobile app and on the web. Here’s how to do both. 

How to delete your Poshmark account using the mobile app

1. Launch the Poshmark app (for Android and iOS) from your device. 

2. Once opened, select the Account tab at the bottom right corner.

3. Scroll down the menu list and select Poshmark Support Center.

4. Next, select “Manage Account Status.”  

5. Select “Delete My Account.” 

6. Here a pop-up window may ask you for a verification code sent to your email address or phone number. Enter it and then select “Submit.” 

7. Using the dropdown menu, select the reason you are deleting your Poshmark account. 

8. Then, select “Delete My Account.” 

9. In the pop-up screen, select “Yes.” 

Your Poshmark account will then be deleted.

How to delete your Poshmark account using a computer

1. Launch your preferred web browser and go to Poshmark’s Delete User webpage.

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2. Sign in if prompted. 

3. Using the dropdown menu, select a reason you are deleting your account, and then select “Delete My Account.” 

4. In the pop-up screen, select “Yes.” 

5. Finally, select “Logout.” Your account is now deleted. 

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