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Educators use Flipgrid to create message boards where students video record their answers instead of typing them out for more interactive and engaging learning. 

This free, website-based platform works by letting teachers create tiled “grids.”

Teachers pose discussion questions and students’ video replies appear in a grid display below. Flipgrid is useful for teachers who want to emulate in-person conversations from a distance, but also without the pressure of a live classroom. 

If you’re a teacher or student who has posted a video to Flipgrid, but would like to re-do it, deleting a video question or response is easy.

How to delete a Flipgrid video if you’re an educator

Teachers can create a free Flipgrid account here. Once you’ve created an account and posted your first video, you’ll be able to hide or delete it. You can also delete responses from your students if they reach out for help.

1. Log in to your educator account here.

2. Visit your discussions page.

3. Select the group and topic of the video you’d like to delete.

4. Find your video under “Responses.”

5. To hide it, click on the Active button and select “Hide Response” in the dropdown menu. 

6. To delete it, click “Actions” and select “Delete Response” in the dropdown menu.

7. Check the box next to “I want to permanently delete the Response(s).”

8. Click “Delete.” You’ve deleted your response.

How to delete a Flipgrid video if you’re a student

After posting a response to your instructor’s video, you can hide or delete it.

1. Visit my.flipgrid.com.

2. Log-in or click “Request access by email.” This way, you’ll have access to every video you’ve posted using this email account.

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3. If requesting access by email, you’ll receive an email link from Flipgrid to deactivate your video.

4. Click “Actions” and select “Delete this video” or “Hide this video” in the dropdown menu.

5. Check the box next to “I want to permanently delete the Response(s).”

6. Click “Delete.” You’ve deleted your response. 

7. For assistance, contact your teacher.

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