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If you have a Chase credit card or debit card, you could be eligible for Chase Offers. 

Chase Offers are cash-back deals for shopping at merchants like Big Lots and Dell, or restaurants like Starbucks.
I have the Chase Sapphire Reserve®, and I currently see offers for cash back at Turbo Tax, Home Chef, and more than a dozen other brands.
You’re not guaranteed to see Chase Offers attached to your Chase account, but if you have multiple Chase cards, you will likely have offers attached to at least some of your cards.
To use an offer, you just need to click to add it to your account and make a qualifying purchase with your eligible Chase card.
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Chase issues a wide variety of credit cards, including options that earn cash back, more premium cards that earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points, hotel and airline cards, and business credit cards. 


If you have a Chase credit card or debit card, you could be eligible for Chase Offers. These deals get you cash back on purchases with participating retailers and restaurants once you add the offer to your card. Keep reading to see how it works, and what kinds of offers you can expect to find.

 What are Chase Offers?

Chase Offers are deals available to select Chase credit and debit cardholders. These offers get you cash back at a variety of merchants, including retail stores, services, and restaurants.


Chase Offers generally get you cash back in the form of a percentage. For example, on my Chase Sapphire Reserve® account, I currently see an offer for 10% back at Poshmark, with a $7 maximum. However, some offers get you a flat cash-back amount, such as $3 back on a CBS All Access subscription.

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Each Chase Offer has an expiration date — in your account, this will be displayed as how many days you have left to use it. Keep this date in mind, since you won’t be eligible for cash back if you don’t make a purchase in time.

How to use Chase Offers

To use a Chase Offer, you need to add it to your card account — you can do so by simply clicking on it. Then, you just make a qualifying purchase while the offer is still valid with your Chase card, and you’ll receive the cash back as a statement credit to your account.

Keep in mind that not every Chase cardholder will see Chase Offers associated with their account. For example, I have five Chase accounts (including both debit and credit), and I only see offers associated with three of them. 

Current Chase Offers

Here are some Chase Offers that are currently available, but you may see different deals in your own account. Additionally, some of these offers may no longer be available, though this list will …read more

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