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President Donald Trump is angry at Trump and Jared Kusher, his daughter and son-in-law, over her plan to attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, a Republican source told Insider.

Insider’s Tom LoBianco and Darren Samuelsohn reported that a rift has opened between Trump and his own family members, as well as other former allies, in the aftermath of his supporters storming the US Capitol last week.

Citing a Republican source close to the White House, they reported that the president’s adult sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., are now some of the only people who are talking with him.

Trump said on Friday that he would not be attending Biden’s inauguration, breaking a long-standing norm in US democracy.

But the Daily Mail reported that Ivanka planned to attend the inauguration. A White House source told the outlet  she “is worried that her promising political career is in jeopardy and she’s doing whatever she can to save her reputation.”

Another White House source denied to the Mail that Ivanka plans to attend the inauguration.   

A rift with family members only leaves Trump further isolated as even some of his closest allies have turned against him in the aftermath of the Capitol riot.

A pro-Trump mob breached the Capitol on January 6, after Trump addressed them and hold them to march on the building.

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They broke windows and stormed the building, forcing lawmakers to be evacuated while voting to confirm Biden’s win. Five people, including one police officer, died.

Democrats are moving to impeach Trump for a second time. Unlike in his first impeachment, multiple Republican  lawmakers have expressed support.

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The New York Times also reported that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is “pleased” at the idea of Trump being impeached, as this would “make it easier to purge him from the party.”

Liz Cheney, a member of GOP House leadership, also said on Tuesday that she will vote to impeach Trump.

A rift also emerged between Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence, after rioters chanted “hang Mike Pence” in the Capitol and CNN reported that Trump did not call to check on Pence or his family.

CNN and Bloomberg reported that the pair spoke on Monday for the first time since the riot happened, with CNN reporting that they pledged to work together for the remaining days of their term.

Administration officials have also resigned, including Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf.

LoBianco and Samuelsohn noted that even Republicans who are not moving to punish Trump are not standing in the way.

One former senior Trump administration official told then: “This is him by himself and it is something that has never happened before.”

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