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As the US braces for more pro-Trump extremism in the weeks leading up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, the Pentagon has approved armed National Guardsmen to be deployed to the US Capitol, Politico reported.

The Department of Justice said Tuesday that it has opened 170 subject files and charged 70 cases in relation to last week’s insurrection at the US Capitol.

Law enforcement faced criticism for an apparent lack of preparedness after pro-Trump rioters who had attended a March for Trump gained control of the building, which should be one of the most secure spaces in the world. 

Five people — four who attended the march and one Capitol Police Officer — have died. 

Well this is something I thought I’d never see. National Guard members getting rest in the Capitol, guns by their sides, under the busts of Lincoln and Washington.

— Ben Riley-Smith (@benrileysmith) January 13, 2021


The day of chaos likely isn’t the end to political violence, as alt-right followers have already pledged organized violence in DC and other states beginning on January 17 and leading through the inauguration on the 20 th.  

By Tuesday evening, Guardsmen who secure the Capitol were authorized to carry lethal weapons.

On early Wednesday morning, Capitol staff and reporters arrived to work and found dozens of the Guardsmen resting on the floor of the government building. 

Many of them shared surreal photos of the large military presence. 

Hundreds of National Guardsmen arrived for duty at the Capitol on Wednesday

  Biden outlines 'Day One' agenda of executive actions

An increased security presence is expected through the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

Some guardsmen tried to get some rest on the floor of the building.

Outside of the Capitol, Maryland National Guardsmen carrying rifles secured a perimeter.

Guardsmen are typically deployed with an M-9 handgun, Politico reported. Last week they only carried protective gear.

The House of Representatives on Wednesday is expected to vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

Law enforcement around the US, including in DC, are working to ensure the Jan. 6 chaos doesn’t happen again.

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Source:: Business Insider


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