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Maren Morris didn’t used to be on my radar as an artist. However, since she’s speaking out more about her struggles as a new mom and her beliefs, I’m very impressed with what she has to say. Maren not only supported BLM and dreamers in her song Better Than We Found It, she used her acceptance speech at the Country Music Awards to acknowledge the contribution of Black women to country music and those who have inspired her. In the wake of the terrible events at the Capitol, Maren, like so many others, tweeted her devastation. And when fellow country artist Mickey Guyton also tweeted out her disgust, Maren replied to Mickey by calling out “some singer’s (sic) wives” for supporting the terrorists who attacked the Capitol. It didn’t take Mickey, or anyone else, very long to figure out Maren was pointing her finger at Brittany Aldean, wife of country singer Jason Aldean, and Brittney Kelley, wife of country artist Brian Kelley.

Maren Morris is disturbed by the shocking images of the attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol last week.

In a series of tweets — and replies with fellow country star Mickey Guyton — on Wednesday, the singer expressed her discontent regarding the violent actions in Washington, D.C. Both Morris, 30, and Guyton, 37, also expressed their anger over some fellow country singers’ wives’ comments the day of the attacks.

“Today is gonna be hard to shake. Something my WW2 fighting Paw-Paw never told me about, something my parents never had to go through… thinking about how I will tell my son about this one day,” Morris tweeted, referring to her 9-month-old baby Hayes Andrew.

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“I am completely disgusted. Are these boys still backing the blue? Asking for a friend,” added Guyton in a tweet, referring to the insurrectionists and supporters of President Donald Trump who stormed the Capitol.

Morris then replied, “And how do some singer’s [sic] wives conveniently not know the difference between marching for racial injustice and Nazis breaching our Capitol because their guy didn’t win? 🙄”

“I know exactly who you’re talking about,” replied Guyton with a GIF of Megan Thee Stallion.

Morris and Guyton appeared to be referring to Brittany Aldean and Brittney Kelley (wives of Jason Aldean and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line, respectively). Aldean has expressed her support for Trump, questioned the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer and criticized the contextualization of Wednesday’s riot. Kelley, 30, has not supported a candidate by name, though her husband previously told a fan that he did not vote for President-Elect Joe Biden.

Aldean, 32, later complained about being “silenced” after one of her posts — falsely detailing the presence of Antifa during the attempted coup — was deleted on Instagram.
(Aldean’s post referred to a baseless conspiracy theory.)

“It’s getting so ridiculous the filters you put on everyone that’s against your narrative,” she said on her Instagram Story Thursday, adding Sunday, “Everything I say gets blown up and …read more

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