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Donald Trump’s leadership style as president was the same as it was during his campaign. He was playing a part in a reality show, with enough interesting characters and plotlines to keep audiences riveted, and glued to their screens. Whether she did so intentionally or not, Kamala Harris was one of a few Democrats to play Trump’s own game. She was becoming an easy-to-identify character herself. She did so Trump’s way too, by grabbing the spotlight to get her message out and change the narrative.

Under normal circumstances, lawmakers are criticized for acting like politicians and seeking the limelight.

Perhaps because of jealousy or competition, blatant self-promotion is seen as a vice, not a virtue. But as Trump took over Washington, Harris rose above the din. Her ability to come up with pithy sound bites, viral videos, and eye-catching headlines elevated her from being a bit player in the show to becoming a star. The more Republicans made her the public face of the Democratic Resistance, the more the Republicans made Harris’s star rise even higher. 

Reporters helped, too, seizing on the narrative that Harris was helping create that she was engaged in a David and Goliath battle with Trump and his administration. 

That storyline was especially popular with reporters who had flocked to Washington to cover the Trump drama for the folks back home. What perpetrators of that narrative often overlooked was that Harris was by no means the only Democrat battling Trump and scoring victories. Many other Democratic lawmakers were also expertly pinning down administration officials on a variety of issues, and provoking Trump enough for him to single them out.

The Senate was full of them, Trump resisters too, including at least two former prosecutors who hadn’t called nearly as much attention to their backgrounds as prosecutors as Harris did. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse oversaw scores of prosecutors as the US attorney for Rhode Island. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut had been the state’s attorney general for more years than Harris served as California’s attorney general. All six of the other Democrats on the Intel committee were skilled at getting answers from even the most hostile of witnesses. The committee’s ranking Democrat, Senator Mark Warner, was particularly good at it. 

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Some of the old guard, like Dianne Feinstein, were renowned for being thoroughly prepared, asking informed questions and getting the answers they needed. But where Harris would rely on direct confrontation, Feinstein acted more on instinct.

Feinstein elicited perhaps the biggest money quote of the Trump/Russia hearings during her questioning of former FBI Director James Comey. Comey’s appearance, a day after Rosenstein’s, came amid media reports that Trump had invited him to the White House for a private dinner for two, demanded loyalty from him and then, when Comey refused, fired him without cause. The fact that Comey had taken detailed contemporaneous — and court-admissible — notes of everything made his appearance especially significant.

So did the fact that Trump, in response to those reports, hinted in a tweet that maybe there were secret White …read more

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