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There are seemingly endless apps to help improve your life, but sometimes they can make you more stressed out or glued to your phone.
Below are six apps — from a cute reminder to drink water to a highly customizable yoga class — that are easy to use and can help organize your life without contributing to burnout. 
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Like many people, I often consider my phone my worst well-being enemy. Between derailing my productivity and fueling my doomscrolling habit with near-constant notifications, it likes to politely inform me that my weekly screen time went up 17%. 

As such, I’m naturally cynical around apps that make me feel like I need to use my phone even more in order to live a more balanced life. There’s something a little too on-the-nose about using a complicated scheduler to optimize my wellness habits; it defeats the purpose of self-care if I feel even more plugged into my device.

However, there are apps that actually do make my life simpler and take little to no effort to actually use. From improving my physical and mental health to helping me save money without even thinking about it, these six apps easily make my life better.

6 apps to optimize your life:
To wake up on time without grogginess:

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This is one of those apps I told everyone about when I first started using it because I honestly couldn’t believe how well it worked. The concept is simple: By accessing your microphone and listening to your movements as you sleep, the app knows to wake you up within the 30-minute time frame you set, so that you’re not mid-heavy slumber when the alarm jerks you awake.

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So, for example: If I need to wake up by 7:30 AM, it could wake me at 7:17 AM if I’m moving around more at that point. Even if I’m up a few minutes earlier, I feel more rested because I’m not in deep sleep. As a bonus, it also shows me stats on my overall sleep quality, so I can see firsthand how my nighttime social media scrolling habit is my own worst enemy.

The app comes with a free trial, but I opted to pay $29.99 for an annual Premium membership once it was over.

To feel personally invested in drinking more water:

I’ve always been bad at drinking water. I know I should do it for my health, but I can go an alarming number of hours without noticing I’m dehydrated. What got me into the habit of constantly refilling my glass, though, was Plant Nanny (now Plant Nanny 2).

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The concept is simple: Every …read more

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