Residents of a South Florida neighborhood is dealing with a python problem, and these are no small snakes.

There have been a growing number of sightings in recent weeks across Coconut Grove, now apparently moving into Coral Gables.

A massive 9-foot python was found in the bushes of a Coral Gables family’s home.

One of the latest pythons caught in a growing list of large snake sightings in recent weeks.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission wants residents to heed its warning.

“Burmese pythons are bad for the environment, they’re not native to Florida, they prey on native species,” said FWC spokesperson Carli Segelson. “Don’t leave small children unattended, obviously small pets, if you know pythons are in the area.”

Segelson confirms FWC has been seeing more pythons out, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the number of pythons is growing.

“People are probably seeing pythons more this type of year because as temperatures cool, there is more opportunities to see them come out and sun themselves and try to warm up,” she said.

Anyone who encounters one of these snakes is urged to contact FWC at 888-483-4681.

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