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We’re in the midst of a flipped labor market, and tech talent hasn’t been spared from layoffs and stiffer competition. According to the latest numbers from layoff-tracking website Layoffs.fyi, over 590 tech startups have downsized since the start of the pandemic, resulting in more than 80,000 individual job losses. 

While only 15% of tech leaders surveyed by the social network Pulse, a platform leveraged by executives at Netflix, GE, Facebook, Clorox, Google, Amazon, and more, listed hiring as a top priority in the latter half of 2020, several recruiters specializing in technical hires who spoke with Insider reported seeing an uptick in activity.

There’s been “extensive growth” after an initial lull between the end of the first quarter and beginning of the second quarter of 2020, Jona Jennings, a senior technical sourcer at Terminal.io who’s worked in recruiting for Microsoft, Wayfair, and Tesla, told Insider.

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Here are the best ways candidates can stand out in a more competitive market, according to experienced recruiters.

Network, be among the first to apply, and consider applying to multiple relevant openings within a company

There’s a reason asking your network for referrals to job openings works: Employers are often able to save time and money when they can hire candidates that come recommended, explained Brianne Thomas, head of recruiting at recruiting software company Jobvite. 

Candidates that don’t have a direct connection to a company should reach out directly to recruiters or other decision makers on LinkedIn, Jennings said. She added that she receives requests daily from job seekers within the tech space. 

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“Oftentimes, they end up being the perfect candidate for a role I or someone on my team is working on,” she said, adding that she’s hired candidates who reached out to her personally after initially being overlooked by applying directly on the company website.

“Reaching out directly to sourcers, recruiters, or decision makers can be the difference between getting lost,” she said, and “getting into the company you’ve wanted to work at.”

“Don’t be scared to reach out to that C-level executive or anyone else at a company when you’re interested in that company or a role,” she added. “It may just work.”

Referrals are a nice-to-have, but not a must, Thomas noted.

“Apply quickly and get your resume at the front of the line,” she said. “You can always reach out and gain a referral connection after the application is complete.”

While it may seem like applying for multiple positions could be a detriment, Thomas said that doing so can actually be a benefit — as long as candidates make sure they’re really qualified for each role they apply for.

“Competition for jobs is fierce, so it’s important to emphasize your strengths and accomplishments in a thoughtfully tailored cover letter that shows you’ve also done research on the company,” she said.

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