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Even after workers can go back into the office, remote work will still be a major part of life for many. 

CEOs from Apple’s Tim Cook to Twitter’s Jack Dorsey have indicated that they will allow workers the flexibility to work remotely even after employees return to the office. 

And, for many remote workers, that’s a good thing: a survey released by Job service website FlexJobs found that 61% of workers view remote work favorably, citing factors like more flexibility and time to focus. 

But some types of roles are better suited for remote work than others.

FlexJobs analyzed more than 50 industries in its database to determine the fastest growing types of remote work. 

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“Because of the unprecedented focus on remote work, we’ve seen a big increase in people looking for jobs that let them work from home, as well as more companies than ever allowing remote work and hiring for remote positions across a variety of fields,” Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of FlexJobs, said in a press release.

These are the types of remote jobs that have grown more than 25% since March and are likely to continue to see growth into 2021, according to FlexJobs. The job categories are organized in order from most to least growth. 

1. Marketing 

These are jobs in sales, advertising, and public relations. Marketing roles help to promote a company’s services or product to potential clients. 

Examples of remote marketing roles: content marketer, marketing operations specialist, market research specialist 

Find remote marketing job listings here.

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2. Administrative 

Administrative workers manage the day-to-day dealings of an office — even remote offices — with tasks including communication processing, managing projects, or handling financial matters. 

Examples of remote administrative roles: executive assistant, policy typist, administrative assistant 

Find remote administrative job listings here.

3. HR and recruiting 

Human resources workers help to connect people with new jobs, and to support the employees who are already in their roles. People working in HR or recruiting might also specialize in certain aspects of the role, like benefits administration or compensation. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, a new type of HR role has even emerged: companies like Facebook and Quora have started to seek out directors of remote work to ensure that their companies can operate successfully from home. 

Examples of remote HR and recruiting roles: recruiter, human resources data analyst 

Find remote HR and recruiting job listings here.

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4. Accounting and finance 

Accounting and finance involves organizing financial records, assisting with tax preparation, and working with accounts payable and receivable.

Examples of remote accounting and finance roles: staff accountant, book keeper 

Find remote accounting and …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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