SLRV Expedition Vehicle - Commander 8x8 - Custom RV - Australian Family of 8

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An Australian family of eight is traveling around the wilds of Australia in a veritable mansion on wheels.

The family, who prefers to remain anonymous, contacted Australia’s leading luxury expedition vehicle manufacturer, SLRV, in 2017 about designing a camper that would allow them explore the country’s most remote regions for months on end, SLRV cofounder Warwick Boswerger told Business Insider.

This was no small feat: Australia is home to some of the world’s last true wilderness and is the driest inhabited continent on Earth, consisting of 70% arid or semi-arid land.

But SLRV was up to the challenge. Boswerger and his team designed a two-story, 40-foot long camper van that New Atlas describes as “apocalypse-grade” and ranks among the largest expedition vehicles in the world. 

As of January 2021, the family is still traveling in the RV, though their travels are subject to restrictions due to COVID-19. Currently, each of Australia’s states and territories has its own set of regulations for interstate travelers including closing borders and imposing mandatory quaratines.

Take a look inside.

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An Australian family of 8 commissioned an 8-wheel, double-decker luxury camper to explore Australia’s most remote regions.

SLRV, the country’s leading expedition vehicle producer, designed the vehicle. 

The family wanted to be able to travel around Australia for months on end, SLRV cofounder Warwick Boswerger told Business Insider.

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Dubbed the Commander 8×8, the vehicle is built on a military-grade MAN TGS truck base.

The Commander 8×8 is SLRV’s largest build to date, and one of the largest expedition RVs in the world. SLRV also produces an array of 4-wheeler expedition vehicles. 

“People want to take the road less traveled; they want to see real natural beauty,” Boswerger told Business Insider. “You can’t see that by driving around on sealed roads. People want to do this in a degree of comfort — and that’s what vehicles like ours provide.”

The camper’s defining feature is its 6.5-foot roof lift. Activated with the push of a button on an LCD screen, it transforms the RV from one story to two.

The camper also boasts a state-of-the-art electric system comprised of lithium batteries charged by a solar panel system as well as a diesel backup generator and alternator.

The 9.5kVA alternator is a “world first” in an RV, according to Boswerger.

“We had to design an electrical system that not only powered all the appliances — it had to recharge and keep powering over and over out in the remote wilderness,” he said in a release.

The camper’s walls are close to 5 inches thick in sections, providing “fantastic insulation,” Boswerger told Business Insider. “All this allows you to stay out in Australia’s remote.”

No inch of space is underutilized. Case in point: A washer …read more

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