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Despite being some of the most recognizable names in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and beyond, these millionaires and billionaires weren’t always living the high life.

From the seedy streets of LA to the Bayview projects, these celebrities and entrepreneurs made it big after coming from nothing.

Here are 21 of the most inspiring rags-to-riches stories.

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Halle Berry once slept in a homeless shelter.

Years before Halle Berry won an Oscar, she slept in a homeless shelter. A struggling actress desperately wanting to make it in Hollywood, the star sought out cheaper housing alternatives. She says, however, that her struggles during her early acting career made her stronger in the end. 

In an interview with People, Berry said, “It taught me how to take care of myself and that I could live through any situation, even if it meant going to a shelter for a small stint.”

Halle Berry now has a reported net worth of between $70 and $80 million.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s family couldn’t afford electricity or birthday presents.

Long before Sarah Jessica Parker landed the iconic role of New York writer Carrie Bradshaw on HBO’s “Sex and the City,” she was just a small-town girl from Nelsonville, Ohio.

According to an article by Finances Online, SJP went through a point in her life where her family rarely celebrated birthdays, holidays, or other family occasions. One of nine children, Parker remembered times when the family couldn’t afford to pay for electricity or their phone bill. 

Sarah Jessica Parker landed her first Broadway role at age 11, and soon after moved to Hollywood in 1981 to appear on the TV show “Square Pegs.” She also has multiple movie titles under her belt.

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Dolly Parton grew up in a poor family in rural Appalachia.

Dolly Parton was born as the fourth of 12 children. Her parents, Robert Lee and Avie Lee Owens, struggled to make ends meet for their large family.

According to a previous article by Insider, Lee was a tobacco farmer and a construction worker who never learned to read or write after leaving school at a young age. Parton’s mother was the daughter of a preacher who devoted her life to raising her children.

However, despite her humble origins, Parton grew up surrounded by musicians who encouraged her ambitions. Her uncle, Bill Owens, got 10-year-old Parton her first gig on “The Cas Walker Show” in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Parton has been in show business for six decades, has had numerous No. 1 hit singles, and has won nine Grammy awards. Her net worth is $37 million as of 2017, Forbes reports, but the singer is definitely generous with her money. Parton recently donated $1 million to help fund a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

Ed Sheeran dropped out of school and slept in subway stations.

Ed Sheeran is now one of the biggest names in music, but he started off as a struggling artist in London’s bustling music scene.

The singer would often spend nights sleeping …read more

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