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The first step to creating a quintessential Assouline library is, of course, getting in touch with the Assouline publishing house.

Founded in 1994 by Martine and Prosper Assouline, the publishing house is known for creating some of the most luxurious — and expensive — private libraries in the world, in addition to publishing some of the chicest coffee-table books. 

Assouline’s books, which range from $75 to $1,000, are highly researched and honor various well-known people, places, and businesses. The most recent catalogue offers books on subjects including cigars, Rolex watches, feminism, and the Amalfi Coast. These books often take years to produce and sometimes come bound in silk cloth and velvet. 

“Now we’re launching a book on Marrakesh and Miami beach in the next few months,” Alex Assouline, the company’s 28-year-old heir and creative library designer, told Business Insider. “Our book on Paris took us a year to do. It’s 300 pages, and it really brings you into the essence of Paris.”

Assouline talked to Business Insider about his creative process in building these high-end commissioned libraries and how much it would cost if you hired him.

“We’re selective in what we choose to incorporate in each curation and who we touch because we’re really hands on. So we cannot take every project,” Assouline said. “Also, the minimum investment that we need to start a project is $25,000.”

Since he began working for his family’s company full time, Assouline has helped design private and exclusive libraries in the Middle East and Mexico. In New York City, his recent work can be seen in Hudson Yards, the 432 Park Ave. Condominiums, and the Tribeca Towers. At the same time, he’s helped produce the Assouline coffee-table books on St. Tropez, Versailles, Ibiza, and Mykonos.

He was born in Paris, and his family moved to New York when he was 15 years old. He studied marketing, art history, and graphic design at Concordia University in Montreal and attended Columbia Business School for an executive program in digital marketing.

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Alex Assouline seeks to make each of his libraries ‘one of a kind’

After a business or a person commissions a library, Assouline said it takes him about two weeks to come up with a design plan. First, he said, he studies the surroundings of the building where the library will be housed. For businesses, it’s studying the neighborhood; for people, it’s studying the families. 

In both instances, the goal is to understand the people who will be interacting with the space the most. From there, he said he could figure out which books and objects would best capture the essence of who will be using it. 

“The idea and concept is to create the most beautiful and sophisticated space that will enable people to unplug and enjoy the moment,” he said. “It’s doing a deep dive to really understand what will inspire people, and it’s understanding the tonalities that people would enjoy, along with themes and subject matters.” 

He also spends time working with the interior designers who designed the establishments …read more

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