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Garrett Leight is the founder, CEO, and creative director of the luxury eyewear brand Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO).
In the past decade, Leight and his team have made GLCO one of the top millennial brands in the luxury eyewear market, with high profile people from Jeff Bezos to Selena Gomez spotted wearing GLCO eyewear. 
Leight sat down with Business Insider for an interview about his career beginnings and his rise in the luxury market.
He also gave advice to the next generation of entrepreneurs and those looking to enter the luxury sector.
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Luxury eyewear designer Garrett Leight knows exactly what millennials want. In fact, with a celebrity clientele list that includes Jeff Bezos, Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Lawrence — Leight doesn’t just know what millennials want, he knows what the world wants. 

“We market …. who we are, what we stand for, [and] what we’ve been about since day one, which is California DNA and the quality product and great customer service,” Leight told Business Insider. “We just kind of were ourselves and created what we thought was cool and people liked it.”

In an interview with Business Insider about his career, Leight also gave some advice for others who aspire to enter the luxury retail field, and for entrepreneurs who have launched — or who are thinking about launching — their own business. Here are his five key tips.

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1. Companies must “innovate or die.”

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In speaking about luxury retailer Barneys, Leight said one of the main reasons the store failed in the 2010s is because it didn’t establish an “identity” that could connect with the younger generations. 

“Today, millennials [and] Gen-Z, we want to connect with something. We want to know who we’re supporting,” he told Business Insider. “You gotta dedicate some effort both financially and creatively to creating something that buyers [and] consumers can connect with.”

He also said that brands should pay attention to what happened to the once-famed retailer, noting that if they fail to adapt to the changing taste in the consumer market, they could easily be the next to fall.

2. Authenticity is key.

When speaking about how his brand uses social media for marketing, Leight and his brand’s chief communications officer Jamie Katz emphasized that they rely on authenticity in order to connect with customers, future buyers, and most importantly, brand ambassadors.

“It’s more about an organic alignment. If they feel like they are an extension of what we’ve tried to create as the Garrett Leight lifestyle, then we feel like they’re probably in a community of people that would also appreciate the Garrett Leight lifestyle and the brand,” …read more

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