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During his nearly 30-year career, Tony West has deftly navigated the halls of government, big business, and Silicon Valley. 

As Uber’s chief legal office, West, 55, has spent the last three years cleaning up messy legal snafus after the Travis Kalanick era and ahead of the company’s highly anticipated IPO. Prior to that, West headed up PepsiCo’s legal department after serving as the third-highest-ranking official in the Justice Department during the Obama administration. 

West has forged his own ties to Democratic politics — he chaired the California fundraising committee for Obama’s presidential bid — but he’s also connected to the party in another key way: He’s married to Maya Harris, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ younger sister and former campaign chairwoman.

Now, West is reportedly being considered for the role of Attorney General within the incoming Biden administration. If West is appointed, it would be the most direct line yet from Washington to Silicon Valley and back again. 

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Here’s how West got his start and became a key figure in both the political sphere and the tech world. 

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Tony West was raised in San Jose, California. His mother was a teacher and his father worked at IBM and was involved in local politics. West has two younger sisters, Pamela and Patricia.

Source: Stanford Lawyer, United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary

West attended Harvard University and Stanford Law School, where he was president of the “Stanford Law Review,” only the third African-American person to hold the position.

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Source: Stanford Lawyer

In 1993, one year after graduating from law school, West joined the Justice Department under the Clinton administration. He served as a special assistant to the deputy attorney general before becoming an assistant US attorney in the Northern District of California. By 1999, West was 
focusing on high-tech crime as California’s special assistant 
attorney general.

Source: Washington Post, Stanford Lawyer

West had been interested in working in government since before law school. “I didn’t go to law school wanting to be a lawyer,” he told the Washington Post in 2012. “I was always more interested in public service. What I discovered is you could practice law and be a public servant.”

Source: Washington Post

West has run for political office twice: first in 1998 when he ran for San Jose City Council, and again in 2000 when he ran for California State Assembly. He lost both times.

Source: Washington Post

In 2001, West left California government to become a litigation partner at Morrison & Foerster in San Francisco. He represented a range of clients, including John Walker Lindh, an American man who was convicted of working with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Source: Washington Post

West was also on the legal team for Marcus …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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