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Now that Chelsea Houska is leaving Teen Mom 2, Maci Bookout might replace her as the most boring member of the franchise.

And believe it or not, that’s a compliment.

For most viewers, the entertainment on Teen Mom comes from the drama, the conflict, the bad decisions.

So if fans are tempted to fast-forward through your storyline, it generally means you’re doing everything right,

Like Chelsea, Maci has overcome a great deal, but she’s left the worst behind her and found happiness in her second act.

Of course, just because the worst is behind her, that doesn’t mean she’ll never experience any further difficulties as long as she lives.

And some fans think Maci is going through a very tough time at the moment.

The usually-upbeat mother of three posted a meme this week that left her followers wondering if she’s struggling with some sort of private pain.

“Sending love to everyone healing from things they don’t discuss with anyone,” reads a meme that Maci posted on her Instagram page earlier this week.

Now obviously, Maci could have just been sending an inspirational message to people who are going through a difficult time, and who feel as though they have no one they can turn to.

But it’s not the type of content she normally posts, which is why it raised a red flag with so many of her followers.

Naturally, many fans began to suspect that Maci was experiencing conflict with Ryan Edwards, the father of her first child, Bentley.

Edwards has been sober — as far as we know — for over a year now, but that doesn’t mean his relationships with Bentley and Maci have been without difficulty.

In fact, after Ryan was seen bullying Bentley in scenes featured on Teen Mom OG. Maci reportedly attempted to make changes to their custody arrangement.

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It’s unknown if she was successful in doing so, but it’s not hard to see why fans jumped to the conclusion that Ryan was the cause of her most recent unhappiness.

Whatever the case, Maci’s worrisome meme soon disappeared from her page, and it was back to business as usual, hockming the fashion line, which has served as a supplement to her sizable Teen Mom OG income.

“Go from work during the day to helping study vocab night — @ttmlifestyle ultra-soft & stretchy cotton spandex bodysuits – guaranteed comfort and sleek style,” Maci captioned a photo of herself wearing the sleek attire.

“Available in long sleeve or half sleeve- perfect year-round….. hurry before they’re gone! #ttmlifestyle#thingsthatmatter.”

So yeah, it seems that Maci was briefly down in the dumps about something.

But she soon shifted her focus back to what really matters — providing for her family.

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