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The Tesla Model 3 is far and away the best-selling electric car in the country, making up nearly half of all US EV sales in 2019. That popularity has given rise to a massive market for Model 3 body kits and accessories targeted at owners looking to set their car apart from the pack. 

Now Startech, a sub-brand of famed Mercedes-Benz tuner Brabus, is getting into the Tesla-makeover game as well, announcing a whole suite of customizations for the Model 3 that give the EV a sportier look and, according to the firm, enhance its performance.

The German firm unveiled add-ons including new wheels, faux-carbon accents, aggressive front and rear bumpers, lowering springs, and aerodynamic upgrades. It’ll also reupholster your Model 3’s interior and paint over any chrome pieces you deem too shiny. 

The entire package will be available starting in early 2021 through Startech’s worldwide dealer network and online, a spokesperson told Business Insider. Take a closer look below. 

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Startech’s full package includes loads of new parts meant to upgrade the Model 3’s looks and performance.

The sharp-edged front bumper gives off major Lamborghini vibes, even if Startech says it’s inspired by Formula 1 race cars.

It costs roughly $1,300 — without installation, shipping, or paint — and Startech says it ups the Model 3’s aerodynamics.

The same goes for Startech’s rear bumper, which bolts onto the production bumper’s mounting points and sports an integrated diffuser.

A rear wing — which also adds to the car’s “aerodynamic balance” — will run you around $450, again without paint, labor, or delivery.

The three-part spoiler extends onto the sides of the car, giving it a unique look.

It’s complemented by side skirts that attach in front of the rear wheels.

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Startech designed 20-inch alloy wheels specifically for the Model 3. The hub cover comes in black, silver, red, and blue.

New suspension springs from Startech lower the Model 3 by 30-40 millimeters, giving it a more imposing look and lowering its center of gravity.

Customers can also choose a “chrome delete” option whereby Startech paints or otherwise refinishes the Model 3’s shinier bits like the window trim, camera housings, or door handles.

Startech’s modifications don’t stop with the exterior, though. The firm offers the option to refinish interior pieces in a faux-carbon-fiber trim.

That’s available for the steering wheel and the trim around the window switches.

At its upholstery shop, Startech can redo the Model 3’s interior in any color of Alcantara or leather.

The model pictured here has an “anthracite” headliner made from Alcantara …

… along with new floor mats.

Including fitting and painting costs, the full conversion shown here costs roughly $17,000 at current exchange rates.

Startech is planning to release modifications for the Model Y next, a spokesperson said.

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Source:: Business Insider


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