Red Lobster Mountain Dewgarita review

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In a collaboration that puts even the weirdest cafeteria dare to shame, Pepsi and Red Lobster are rolling out a new drink known as the “Dewgarita.” 

The green, alcoholic concoction is one part Mountain Dew, one part tequila, but mostly, it’s a head-scratching viral talker that has piqued the curiosities of millennial social media. 

As the seafood chain endures its “most challenging time,” due to mandatory shutdowns and limited dine-in services, the company is exploring “strategic options” as it tries to keep its doors open despite sale losses, according to FSR Magazine.

It appears the absurd, $10 Mountain Dew and margarita mixture may be a move to boost foot traffic as restaurants nationwide rely on alcohol sales and the growing popularity of to-go cocktails to supplement their losses.

I ventured to my nearest Red Lobster to see if the Dewgarita is worth the shock-value hype.

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I sat down at the restaurant’s bar, aptly called “Bar Harbor.” It was very exclusive and had only three seats due to social distancing.

Like any good American, when the bartender came over and asked me what I wanted to order, there were only two things on my mind: Dewgarita and warm, cheddar biscuits.

She quickly shook up the drink for me in the back and set the nuclear-green margarita in front of me.

For a drink that’s gained internet notoriety for its “Mountain Dew”-schtick, I was surprised by the underwhelming flavor from my first sip.

I asked the bartender what was in the Dewgarita, which she revealed was a sour-apple liquor, tequila, and a two-ounce pinch of Mountain Dew.

No quenching fizziness that I crave from soda. No sugar explosion that makes Mountain Dew a guilty pleasure.

The drink was more like a sad, watered-down margarita you get from a backyard party.

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I took a sip of the drink from the rim, which the bartender described as a red sugar-mixture made just for the Dewgarita.

It didn’t make anything better. My brain expected something spicy, which would have at least provided some flavor.

While the taste of the drink was disappointing, on the bright side, I was very appreciative of the amount of tequila in it.

And if you pretend that you paid $10 for the free cheddar biscuits, rather than falling for a marketing strategy, your pocketbook feels just a little bit better.

I asked a manager how many people had ordered the drink so far. He said, three.

That sounds about right.

The inherent humor of getting to say, “I tried a Mountain Dew Margarita at Red Lobster” could draw people to the chain, but the taste and price won’t bring them back.

If the seafood chain wants to keep curious customers coming back for more, its other promised drink collaborations with PepsiCo need to offer more than just a funny name.

It needs to offer better flavors, and be more reminiscent of the soda its invoking, rather than just a half-hearted effort at producing a similar color.

Otherwise, I …read more

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