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A teenage boy in Texas was shot and killed after he and a companion approached a man with a toy gun, KHOU-11 reported. The incident reportedly took place on October 16 around 2 a.m, a Harris County Sheriff’s Office representative told Business Insider.

The man who shot the teen told local law enforcement the boy and his friend had attempted to rob him while holding what looked like an AR-15 rifle, John Shannon, a captain with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, said on Twitter. After shooting one of the teens, the man called 911. 

“A victim reported he came to meet a woman & upon arrival 2 males w/a rifle tried to rob him. He had a gun and fired striking one of the robbers he then called 911,” Shannon said. “The male died on scene.”

Officers who arrived on the scene said the object that appeared to be an AR-15 was a toy, according to KHOU-11’s report. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office representative told Business Insider a plastic rifle was found near the site of the shooting.

The man who shot the teen and the teen’s companion were taken into custody and questioned, KHOU-11 reported. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office did not disclose the names of those involved in the incident.

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