As South Florida braces for the impact of Hurricane Isaias, residents and business owners in Boynton Beach are taking caution.

At waterfront dining spot Two Georges, afternoon diners enjoyed the warm sun and cool breeze, which at times picked up a bit.

“Right now we are just trying to keep up with the news,” said Steve Scaggs, General Manager at Two Georges. “We saw it slowing down so feel it comfortable with today.

“We have done some breakdown, it’s a little bit safer in case there are any tropical storm force winds.”

On the closed beaches of Palm Beach County’s ocean ridge, kite surfers harness wind gusts as they ride their boards along choppy waves crashing along a near-empty shoreline.

“We will see what the wind does, what the swells doing,” said kitesurfer Jay Kavanaugh. “Before it gets too crazy, we try to get a few hours in.”

About a mile up the coast, a boater and personal watercraft driver were seen heading out to sea.

Further inland a few businesses were spotted with hurricane shutters, as most people Local 10 spoke to expressed a “wait and see” approach.

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