They’re back…and this time they brought a friend.

Just as I was feeling good about having addressed the visiting coyote issue in my backyard, this happened.

I was sitting out on my deck one evening admiring the outdoor lights I had installed to deter my wildlife neighbors. They cast a soft glow that cut through the darkness, which I found very soothing. Until the light started taking shape and I found myself in a staring match with a coyote. On second glance, I saw that old beady-eyes had brought a friend.

“How did you guys get past the new six-foot gate?”

They replied by exiting the yard via what turned out to be a faulty fence corner.

“Thanks, guys. I really haven’t spent enough money yet on making you feel unwelcome.”

On another interesting note, the lizettes have arrived. Lizzie, the pregnant lizard, had her babies on the kitchen porch where she spends most of her time under the watchful eye of Lark kitty on the other side of the french door. I can thank the quarantine for giving me the time and motivation to witness this blessed event.

It happened like this: First, the newborns literally crawled out from their mother’s protruding middle. Then, once her belly went flat, she took off. Apparently, she missed the new mom training class.

I had a moment of being tempted to make the little ones a bed in a shoebox. It seemed someone should welcome them into the world. But then I remembered something I learned on a trip to the San Diego Safari Park. Lizards have salmonella on their tongues. Sorry, guys. You’ll have to make your own bed.

The good news this week is that the neighborhood bear has not resurfaced. The bad news is that a tribe of maybe a couple of million ants have moved in. Talk about a group that doesn’t believe in social distancing. They arrived in clumps from every crack, crevice door sill and points of entry I didn’t know existed.

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News that they had struck gold quickly got back to the nest behind the lavender in my front yard. The pheromones went wild with gossip about a whole house takeover. I’ll skip the details, but Don’s Drop Dead Pest Control arrived about three minutes before my silent scream would have taken voice.

I guess the wildlife decided that since I have to stay home anyway, they would give me something to do.

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