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There are “worries” in Berlin about the deterioration in Germany’s relationship with the US, a senior ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel has said.
Germany’s ambassador to the UK, Andreas Michaelis said that Germany’s relationship with the Trump administration is “certainly not easy.”
Michaelis was critical of Trump’s approach to China, branding it too “simple” and “black and white.”
The comments came on the eve of a new report claiming that Trump has been “near sadistic” in his treatment of Merkel.
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A senior ally of Angela Merkel says Germany is worried that its relationship with the US is breaking down, amid growing tensions between the United States and one of its closest European allies.

Andreas Michaelis, Germany’s ambassador to the UK and a former foreign minister, on Monday afternoon said “shortcomings” had developed in Berlin’s relationship with Washington after clashes between the two capitals.

Michaelis on Monday told an event hosted by the London-based think tank, the Institute for Government, that an “untidiness” had “crept into” the relationship between Merkel’s government and the White House.

“I want to be honest: it’s certainly not easy,” he said.

“With all the shortcomings in terms of information policy, and things being decided without consultation, this untidiness that has crept into the relationship is something that worries us.

“We’d like to make that extra step forward and say [to the US] ‘let’s work, let’s cooperate on the basis of trust and the quality of the relationship we have enjoyed in the past’.”

Michaelis was responding to a question from Business Insider about Trump’s decision to withdraw 9,500 troops from Germany later this year. Merkel’s government has said it was not informed of the decision before it was announced.

The comments came on the eve of the publication of a CNN report claiming that the president was “near sadistic” in his treatment of Merkel.

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“Some of the things he said to Angela Merkel are just unbelievable: he called her ‘stupid,’ and accused her of being in the pocket of the Russians,” one source told CNN.

The report claimed that the details of phone conversations between Merkel and Trump were so potentially damaging that steps were taken to limit the number of people privy to them in her government.

Michaelis, was also critical of Trump’s approach to China, describing his hardline stance on Beijing as being too “simple” and “in the binary code of black and white.”

President Trump has led explicit calls for an investigation into China’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis and has blamed Beijing for the global pandemic. However, the European Union and member states, including Germany, have taken a more cautious approach.

Asked whether there was tension between Germany and the US over their approaches to China, Michaelis said: “We’ve had hours and hours of most interesting conversation with our transatlantic partners on the China question.

“And there are differences of interest, very clearly.

“If there is tension in the transatlantic partnership in regards to China, it is due to a policy on the US side which …read more

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