Mountain View: RV ban will go to voters on November ballot

MOUNTAIN VIEW — Voters are set to decide whether to keep an ordinance banning RVs and other oversized vehicles from narrow streets in the city after council members voted unanimously not to repeal the ordinance Tuesday.

Council members faced three choices to deal with a controversial ordinance it approved in Sept. 2019 after over a hundred advocates gathered enough signatures to put the ordinance to voters: repeal the ordinance, hold a snap election in April that would have cost about $1.8 million or accept the November referendum.

Ultimately the council decided to put the question to voters, with some members arguing that the council had done all it could.

“I think the reason this is before us is that sometimes we don’t often make the right decision and overcorrect,” said council member Christopher Clark. “That’s what caused folks to come out so forcefully against this and gather the signatures they gathered. The whole impetus for this is we’ve done everything we can on this, so we need to ask if they’re willing to go that far.”

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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