The struggle YouTubers are facing with their body image isn’t just a result of vanity. It’s a long-standing battle between hate comments, constant comparisons, and self-compassion.

Gabbie Hanna

It has become fairly common for YouTubers to document their cosmetic procedures for their subscribers.
Tana Mongeau, Jeffree Star, and Trisha Paytas are just some of the creators who have filmed their experiences to give a backstage look at what goes on in the nurse’s chair.
While getting cosmetic procedures isn’t necessarily the result of low self-esteem, YouTubers are in a position to be more at risk of struggling with body dysmorphia.
For starters, they are always turning the camera on themselves, and are subject to criticism and trolling from millions of people. Thousands of the comments posted are about their appearance.
“If there’s something you can do to protect your mental state that will make you happier, I’m all for it,” YouTuber Gabbie Hanna told Insider. “Because, unfortunately, the world’s not gonna change as quickly as we would like. We can’t stop everybody from commenting.”
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In the middle of one of Shane’s Dawson’s videos “The Ugly Side of the Beauty World,” his partner’s sister Morgan Adams pulled out her Invisalign retainer.

“I have to get my teeth straight,” she said, half-jokingly. “I feel like people will like me more if I have straighter teeth. It’s a theory.”

Dawson looked at her in shock, epitomizing what a lot of viewers were probably thinking, but Adams wasn’t phased. She knew it was just part of living in LA and hanging around with beauty influencers.

“You don’t even need to talk to them, just being around them, they’re all like ‘oh, what have you gotten done?'” she said. “Then you think about it. And I’m like, ‘Oh, I should probably get fake teeth, probably lip injections, maybe a nose job, and also maybe botox.’

“But I’ve never thought like that …read more

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