Letter: Silicon Valley needs a broader plan to decarbonize buildings

Take broader approach
to decarbonize buildings

Re: “How Silicon Valley is rising to climate challenge” (Mercurynews.com, Nov. 26):

I applaud the local community efforts to decarbonize building standards, but I encourage a broader approach.

We need a multi-pronged approach to solve the fossil fuel climate issue; every person and entity has a responsibility to act:

individuals and families in how they live, consume and vote
government action at the local and national level
company action and transparency here and overseas

We still need action from Washington and Sacramento — individuals can push their congressional reps to support HR 763 (the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act).

We need multiple energy options and to manage the portfolio long-term. Natural gas has an important role short-term as solar and battery technology continue to develop.

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Longer-term, bio-gas is both a fuel output and reduces methane emissions from organic waste processing and landfills, but it depends on some of the same delivery infrastructure as natural gas.

We can do this!

Tom Calderwood
Los Gatos

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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