Ex-49er Frank Gore’s Hall of Fame candidacy: His durability shouldn’t be a knock against him

Let’s play a game of call and response. I say, “Hall of Fame worthiness,” you say …

Hey, come back. It’ll be different this time. This time the discussion will be led by the estimable and relentlessly level-headed Peter King.

Typically Hall of Fame debates are irresolvable gum-bumping exercises that leave everyone dissatisfied.

But after the long holiday football weekend, King pleaded the Hall of Fame case for former 49ers running back Frank Gore, currently in his 15th NFL season, and who recently became the NFL’s third all-time rusher, surpassing Barry Sanders (a dead lock cinch for the Hall long before he was voted in).

The only two backs in front of Gore: Emmitt Smith (dead lock cinch) and Walter Payton (dead lock cinch).

We here in the Bay Area are likely more amenable to the notion of Gore in a mustard-colored blazer, having seen the magic with our own eyes. In fact, this would be a fine time for a refresher:

The anti-argument would be that Gore wasn’t sensational enough, that he never was voted All-Pro first team, that he was more a worker bee than a featured one-name-only superstar.

To that I say, “Bouillabaisse.”

More to the point, here is what King says:

“Gore’s a bit of a conundrum,” King wrote on profootballtalk.nbcsports.com. “He’s an absolute outlier in NFL history, a guy who, as (some) say, was never considered the best or second-best back but had a valiant and incredibly productive career after both knees and both shoulders had been reconstructed. By the way, he was considered elite in 2006, when he was third in rushing with 1,695 yards and a league-best (for rushers with at least 200 carries) 5.4 yards per rush. The Hall of Fame doesn’t have specific qualifications at any position. But I do think there is a place in the Hall for …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Sports


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