24 books Mark Zuckerberg thinks everyone should read to understand today’s world

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Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, says that he finds “reading books very intellectually fulfilling.”
In 2015 he started a book club that he publicized on Facebook.
Here are the books he selected that year, along with a more recent 2019 addition.
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a single mission: to connect people around the world.

It’s one reason why he decided to launch a book club in January 2015, with a reading list that focused on “different cultures, beliefs, histories, and technologies.”

Although the birth of his daughter, Max, kept him from hitting his goal of a book every two weeks, he ended 2018 with 23 selections in his A Year of Books reading group. During the summer of 2019, he recommended another book.

We’ve put together a list of his picks and why he thinks everyone should read them:

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‘The Muqaddimah’ by Ibn Khaldun

“The Muqaddimah,” which translates to “The Introduction,” was written in 1377 by the Islamic historian Khaldun. It’s an attempt to strip away biases of historical records and find universal elements in the progression of humanity.

Khaldun’s revolutionary scientific approach to history established him as one of the fathers of modern sociology and historiography.

“While much of what was believed then is now disproven after 700 more years of progress, it’s still very interesting to see what was understood at this time and the overall worldview when it’s all considered together,” Zuckerberg writes.

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‘The New Jim Crow’ by Michelle Alexander

Alexander is a law professor at Ohio State University and a civil-rights advocate who argues in her book that the “war on drugs” has fostered a culture …read more

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