Syracuse students have been besieged by racist attacks, and more than a dozen told us they’re scared and angry with the school’s tepid response

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Protests erupted at Syracuse University earlier this month after a rash of racist incidents at the upstate New York campus.
Insider spoke to more than 15 students about the issue, and while most said they were indeed scared, their main issue was how the administration was addressing their concerns.
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SYRACUSE, New York — A virus has been spreading across the Syracuse University campus.

It started on November 8, when students living on the sixth floor of Day Hall woke up to see the N-word scrawled on the mirror of their bathroom. A few days later, a student looked out the window of their off-campus apartment building and saw a swastika drawn in the fresh snow. That same day, someone wrote “glory hole fer Asians” next to a small divot in the wall of the physics building.

At least a dozen racist incidents have been reported on the upstate New York campus since that first morning at Day Hall two weeks ago, culminating in a group of people hurling racial slurs at a black woman as she walked by a fraternity on November 16.

Insider spoke to more than 15 students on campus, and while many said the recent racist attacks and derogatory graffiti have left them unsettled, they don’t really think a racist is on the loose.

Their biggest gripe is with how the administration has addressed their concerns. And many are upset with what they see as a disturbing trend in how Chancellor Kent Syverud handles racist incidents on campus.

Student protesters called for 19 demands. When those were largely met, they started calling for the chancellor’s resignation.

A protest movement sprouted in reaction to the events, calling themselves #NotAgainSU. The group staged a sit-in at the Barnes …read more

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