See inside a woman’s 270-square-foot tiny home complete with 2 bedrooms and a walk-in closet

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Dolly Rubiano has lived in a 270-square-foot tiny home for two years.
The house sits on wheels, allowing Rubiano to move it wherever she wants. It currently sits on a farm in Victoria, Australia.
Rubiano says it took her three months to build the tiny house, which has two lofted bedrooms, a kitchen, full bathroom, and even a walk-in closet. The home can run on electricity or solar power.
“Downsizing is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean you need to give up the things that you hold dear,” Rubiano said of tiny living.
Rubiano’s home was recently featured in Brent Heavener’s book “Tiny House.” You can read more about it on Amazon, or follow Rubiano on Instagram.
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Dolly Rubiano lives in a 270-square-foot tiny home in Victoria, Australia.

“I discovered my love for tiny spaces when I found a cleverly designed house truck in New Zealand back in 2013,” Rubiano told Insider.

She stayed in the truck for one night and said the experience “had a profound effect” on her.

In 2017, she built her own tiny home, which sits on wheels, allowing her to travel whenever she wants.

“My tiny house was built in NSW, Australia and towed 497 miles (800 kilometers) to where it is now in Victoria,” she said.

The house sits on a farm among other tiny homes.

“The landowner builds tiny houses on wheels too,” Rubiano told Insider. “Those are occupied by visiting friends and relatives and farmhands.”

“The actual build took less than 3 months,” Rubiano said of the process of making her home.

“I spent another month doing the finishing touches before the tiny house became liveable,” she added.

The home features natural wood, white cabinetry, and abundant greenery.

“The french doors open to a spacious kitchen and allow natural light to come …read more

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