Letter: Raking forests won’t stop 90-mph Santa Ana winds

Raking forests won’t stop
90-mph Santa Ana winds

An apology is due from President Trump to Gov. Gavin Newsom and to the citizens of California for his cruel lies. He continues to divide the country even more with his hateful lies, unsupported criticism and threats against Californians.

Again he has blamed not “raking the forest” for the fearsome, destructive firestorms that have raged across our beautiful state. Gov. Newsom was correct that the POTUS doesn’t deserve to weigh in on this subject when he doesn’t understand that climate change is real. It’s real and it’s on steroids.

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Raking the forest will do nothing to stop 90-mph Santa Ana winds. It makes as much sense as raking the beach in Florida to prevent hurricanes or the fields in Kansas to prevent tornadoes. Will he threaten to withhold aid from those states?

Kit Miller
Walnut Creek

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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