Next Gen Prospects: Maple Leafs’ Nick Robertson excelling with Petes

Family ties are important to Toronto Maple Leafs prospect Nick Robertson.

From his father Hugh, to mother Mercedes and four siblings, they don’t like to be separated. Between Nick and his brother Jason’s budding hockey careers, they’re limited to keeping in contact every day over the phone.

Nick Robertson says his family helped make him the happy and positive person he is today.

“I think my family shaped me into who I am and also the birth aspect also shaped me,” he said in a phone interview.

Shortly after Robertson was born three months pre-mature in September 2001, his father had a life-altering decision to make.

His son’s lungs weren’t opening up fully and two previous steroid shots weren’t doing the trick. Doctors gave Hugh one more option: try a medicine they didn’t know much about and possibly save his newborn or face potential death.

He went for it.

“Fortunately it worked out for the best and I think that shaped me to who I am as a person, just being happy and not taking anything for granted,” Robertson says.

“You never know what could have happened that day, where I would be now, but definitely grateful for the outcome.”

The Maple Leafs picked him in the second round of the 2019 draft and he’s spent this season prospering with the Ontario Hockey League’s Peterborough Petes.

He entered weekend play with 19 goals, tying him for the most in the league. Add in nine assists and his 28 points have the left winger tied for sixth in OHL scoring.

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