Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt has a plan to save US healthcare and it involves a whole lot of data

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Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, outlined his vision for the future of healthcare recently on the podcast “Theory and Practice” which focuses on the intersection of biology and computer science.
Schmidt believes accessing larger amounts of data will lead to better healthcare outcomes.
More electronic health and medical records (EHR/EMR) will be stored on the cloud which will improve access to large amounts of data and will also be able to support the vast quantity of data the healthcare industry produces, he said.
Schmidt said this will allow for more “deep data science” to perform predictive analytics to inform doctors on decision making for patients.
With increased data sharing, the healthcare industry will be less disjointed and more efficient. “What’s nice about healthcare is that improvements in efficiency are also aligned with improvements in health,” Schmidt said.
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Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has a vision for healthcare.

He explained it on a recent episode of the podcast “Theory and Practice” which focuses on the intersection of biology and computer science. The podcast is produced by Google AI and venture arm GV, which was formerly known as Google Ventures.

Schmidt, a billionaire who studied electrical engineering at Princeton University, was Google’s CEO for a decade, and later served as executive chairman. He left that role at Google’s parent company, Alphabet, in early 2018.

Schmidt has long held beliefs about the important role of big data and data sharing, he said. Data-sharing has faced obstacles in healthcare, where the privacy of personal health data is a big concern.

Schmidt said he believes that better data access and sharing will improve healthcare.

“If you look at the medical system in America, it was never designed in a way that you and I were agree …read more

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