A VC who just raised $30 million told us how he plans to place his bets on the future of biology

Zal Bilimoria of Refactor Capital

Zal Bilimoria worked as a product manager at Google, LinkedIn, and Netflix before becoming a venture capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz.
In 2015, he branched out on his own, launching an early-stage VC firm called Refactor Capital that focuses on healthcare and science-heavy tech.
Refactor just raised a new $30 million fund. With it, the venture firm is looking to back a crop of fresh startups, many of which will be focused on something Bilimoria calls ‘consumer biology.’
“Biology isn’t just eating healthcare and drug discovery,” Bilimoria told Business Insider. “It’s eating the whole world. Everything around us is going to be impacted.”
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Zal Bilimoria is not a health VC. He’s not a tech VC or a science VC, either. Instead, he feels in some ways like he’s all of the above.

You could say the same thing about his investments in startups. As the cofounder and managing partner of venture capital firm Refactor Capital, Bilimoria backs companies that straddle the space between healthcare, science, and technology.

Most of the companies in Refactor’s portfolio fall into a category he calls “consumer biology;” that is, they all use biology as a manufacturing platform to make products ranging from beverages to drugs to chemicals. For that reason, most of them are simultaneously tech, health, and science startups.

Earlier this month, Bilimoria’s firm launched a fresh $30 million fund, its second ever. With the new money, Bilimoria plans to invest even more heavily in consumer biology-focused companies, he said. As part of the launch, his cofounder, David Lee, will shift his role from co-managing partner to chairperson. Bilimoria will be the sole managing partner at Refactor going forward.

“I’m going to continue doubling down on health and biology in this second fund,” he told Business Insider.

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