MTV’s ‘Ghosted’ helps people confront friends and lovers who ditched them without warning. A therapist says it ‘opens the door for cruelty.’

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MTV’s show “Ghosted,” which is hosted by former “Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay and actor and musician Travis Mills, helps people track down former lovers and friends who stopped communicating with them seemingly out of nowhere.
The show is supposed to help those who have been ghosted to gain closure by confronting those who did the ghosting.
Confronting someone who ghosted you could actually create an emotionally destabilizing situation, therapist Kelly Scott told Insider.
“For some people, confronting the ghoster could bring up their fears and insecurities,” Scott said.
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When you have a handful of seemingly great dates with a prospective lover and then they abruptly stop all communication, it could cause a major blow to your confidence and leave you wondering what went wrong.

In MTV’s new show “Ghosted,” which premiered on Tuesday, people who’ve dealt with this situation track down and confront those who ghosted them, or suddenly stopped all communication without giving a reason.

The show’s hosts, former “Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay and actor and musician Travis Mills, help the show’s subjects (who they call “the haunted”) find their “ghosts” and confront them.

“This is actually at a secured set, we have security there, we have a therapist there, and there’s resources for the haunted and the ghost, if necessary,” Mills previously told Insider. “I’d say it’s a lot more controlled, and we’re there for one reason, right, and that’s for the haunted to get the answers that they’ve been searching for. Everything is intentional.”

MTV suggests the show helps the haunted get long overdue closure about their relationships, but according to therapist Kelly Scott of Tribeca Therapy, confronting someone who ghosted you can actually cause more problems than just moving on.

Learning why you were ghosted could cause a blow to your confidence and emotional wellbeing

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