How to do laundry when traveling and all the things you need to do it

Mesh laundry bags

Doing laundry while traveling can be downright annoying — from pricey hotel laundry fees to finding a local laundromat.
We’ve broken down the steps and products you need to make washing clothes while traveling hassle-free.
Start by packing low-maintenance, lightweight clothes that are quick drying, and bring along few compact laundry supplies like a stain removal pen, detergent sheets, a travel clothesline, and mesh laundry bags. You’ll be able to have fresh, clean garments for every leg of your journey.

The last thing you want to deal with when traveling, whether for vacation or business, is laundry. With baggage fees and restrictions on airlines and cruise ships, packing light is practically essential, but you still need clean clothes for an extended trip.

Start by making smart choices when you pack by choosing low-maintenance clothing. Darker colors will usually last better through multiple wearings than light colors. Choose separates in one or two color families so you can mix and match outfits. This will also make laundry more simple because the colors can be washed together. Always opt for lightweight fabrics like silk, microfiber, and other synthetics that don’t wrinkle easily and will dry quickly.

To avoid hotel or resort laundry fees, having a few laundry supplies on hand will allow you to pack lightly and have plenty of clean clothes. With travel restrictions on liquids, detergent sheets like Lucky FiJi LG Laundry Power Sheets are perfect for handwashing clothes, and the Hawatour Portable Clothesline with attached clothespins will speed drying. Both are lightweight and small enough to tuck in luggage. Add a Tide to Go stain removal pen, and you have a laundry room in your suitcase. I find that …read more

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