Andrew Yang is promising to save truck drivers from their demise — but truckers can’t even agree if he’s right about their future

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Entrepreneur Andrew Yang is running for president. At the center of his platform is his support of the universal basic income (UBI).
Yang told Business Insider that America’s 1.8 million truck drivers would be a key beneficiary of that UBI as self-driving trucks become the norm in the coming decades.
But, many truck drivers told Business Insider that they don’t believe their jobs can be automated.
A smaller, growing group is coming around to the idea that truck drivers will be eliminated — and that their jobs are at risk.
“It’s fascinating to me,” 47-year-old truck driver Daniel McCreary said. “But maybe I should be scared.”
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Andrew Yang wants to give every adult American $1,000 a month. And, he argues, there’s no group that would need that boon more than America’s 1.8 million truck drivers.

Full automation of trucking is expected to net $125 billion in savings from labor costs and fuel efficiencies. But that windfall won’t go to truck drivers.

“There are different ways that that money is going to get channeled, but one thing is clear is that right now former truck drivers will see very little of that, because it’s not like there will be severance packages,” Yang told Business Insider. 87% of truckers are non-unionized, most are small mom-and-pop operators that own a few trucks that they’ve taken out massive loans to procure.”

Even without the threat of automation, truckers are already struggling. A Business Insider analysis showed that median wages for truck drivers have decreased 21% on average since 1980. In some areas, they’ve declined as much as 50%.

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