Letter: Plastic threatens wildlife, and our water and health

Plastic threatens wildlife,
and our water and health

The presence of single-use plastic is inescapable in the grocery store, at restaurants and nearly everywhere in our lives. We can’t keep prioritizing convenience over our planet.

We threaten our wildlife, our water sources and, ultimately, the health of the human race.

It’s time that we collectively change the culture around plastics, and start the shift away from single-use products altogether.

Fortunately, we have the unique opportunity to do just that with current legislation in Sacramento – SB 54 and AB 1080. These bills, otherwise known as the California Plastic Pollution Reduction Act, would effectively reduce 75% of single-use plastic pollution by 2030.

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I’m proud of the Bay Area representatives leading the charge in passing this critical legislation and hope to see these bills on the governor’s desk very soon.

Renee Rettig

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Source:: The Mercury News – Health


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