The FAA has reportedly banned the recalled MacBook Pro from all flights

Apple Retina MacBook Pro 15 STOCK

This might seem like common sense: if your 2015 MacBook Pro with Retina Display is a fire risk, you can’t bring it on an airplane. But Bloomberg is reporting that the FAA is taking the extra step of explicitly banning those recalled MacBook Pros from being brought aboard as cargo or carry-ons — seemingly singling out these devices like it did with the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone.

We’ve asked the FAA and TSA to confirm that the MacBook Pro is getting singled out like the Note — we’re not yet seeing any sort of emergency order like before — but if true, a specific ban on the MacBook Pro could be mighty hard to enforce.

Unlike Samsung’s Note 7, which at least had some distinct design characteristics to set it apart from other…

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