Someone wearing a TV as a helmet dropped off more than 50 old TVs at random people’s homes in Virginia

Old TVs

Someone wearing a TV as a helmet dropped off old TVs at more than 50 different homes in Henrico County Virginia on Aug. 11, The Washington Post reported.
Many local residents called the police to report the odd deliveries, but officers recycled the old electronics without incident.
Police decided that the deliveries weren’t malicious, so they won’t be investigating the situation any further.
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This past weekend more than 50 people in Virginia awoke to find old tube televisions left on their doorsteps, sparking a bizarre mystery in Henrico County.

Security camera footage taken at several of the homes revealed another odd detail — the person delivering the TVs was wearing a TV set as a helmet and a blue jumpsuit. In a video provided to The Washington Post, the strange delivery-person simply drops the TV off facing the front door, and briefly waves at the camera before walking off.

Someone left old TVs outside 50 homes in Virginia while wearing a TV on his head. No one knows why.

— Post Local (@postlocal) August 14, 2019

Multiple people who received TVs contacted the local police, a reasonable measure considering that the large box-style TVs could have housed something dangerous. A group of police officers collected the TV to be recycled, at no cost to the local residents. A police lieutenant who spoke with the Post also said that the person delivering the TVs appeared to have an accomplice in a white jump suit who was also outfitted with a TV helmet.

Police told the Post that they wouldn’t be investigating the situation any further, since the deliveries didn’t appear to be malicious. This isn’t the first time Henrico County residents have received a surprise TV delivery; last year a smaller …read more

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