YouTube exec on criticism: ‘We’re always going to err on the side of protecting children’


By Kaya Yurieff | CNN Business

Kids play a huge role in YouTube’s success. They binge watch videos and even star in their own content for legions of followers.

Nowhere is this key relationship more on display than the annual VidCon conference happening in Anaheim, California, this week, where tween and teen creators are treated like movie stars by their equally young fans.

But the company has struggled with a number of issues related to children. It’s been accused of aiding pedophiles in finding clips of young girls and serving up recommendations for extremist content after users watched innocent videos. YouTube says it is trying address these issues.

“Nothing is more important than making sure that children are protected on our platform,” Neal Mohan, YouTube’s chief product officer, told CNN Business at VidCon. “We’re always going to err on the side of protecting children when it comes to any of these product or policy decisions on our platform.”

YouTube has been considering a number of changes to how it handles children’s content, a person familiar with the matter previously told CNN. For example, it could prevent videos from automatically playing after the previous one finishes to address concerns that YouTube’s video recommendation systems can surface violent, disturbing or conspiracy-laced content. Users, including kids, may start watching safe content and then be led to less appropriate videos.

It doesn’t sound like YouTube would go as far as moving all children’s content to its more heavily moderated YouTube Kids app.

“One of the fastest growing surfaces for where YouTube is consumed is actually in the living room on the television screen. That’s often a place where families, parents and children will watch content together,” Mohan said. “That’s an experience that we want to continue to make available to families.”

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