We visited Nike and Adidas flagship stores to see which brand is better at serving women. The winner was obvious.

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Nike and Adidas are the two leading athletic brands, and they’re in tight competition.
Nike said in 2019 that the year would bring more products and campaigns focused on women, including debuting plus-size mannequins and more women’s clothing options.
Adidas is also in the midst of a multi-year strategy to focus on women and recently signed a deal with Beyonce.
We visited flagship stores for Nike and Adidas to see whether Nike followed through on its goals — and it’s clear that Nike’s moves have helped it outshine Adidas.
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When Nike suggested that 2019 would be its year for women, it wasn’t just talk.

One step into its flagship store in New York City made it clear that this campaign was going the full mile — and the effect was overwhelming.

“We want to help create the next wave of growth for women in sport and with a fully dedicated women’s offense, we see an even healthier, long-term future for Nike,” CEO Mark Parker said in a call with investors in March.

The athletic wear sector is competitive and often unpredictable, but both brands are currently performing well. Nike reported 4% revenue growth in its fourth-quarter earnings in June, but fell slightly short of expectations. In May Adidas also reported a 4% revenue increase in its first quarter-earnings, adjusted for currency.

Adidas is also in the midst of a multi-year strategy to focus on women, and it recently signed a deal with Beyoncé — likely one of the pop-culture icons young women idolize most.

We visited Nike and Adidas to see for ourselves which store does it better. Our visits made it clear that Nike’s focus on women’s …read more

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