MLB Power Rankings: Predicting post-season picture ahead of second half

With the MLB All-Star Game in the rearview mirror, crunch time is upon teams in the 2019 season.

In the first, and only, post-break game so far, the Rangers blanked the Astros. Lance Lynn improved to a 6-0 record with 11 strikeouts on the night, helping his team reach a 43-42 record and proving that anything can still happen and the playoff race is mostly open in every division.

The Rangers, who were singled out as a big winner in our MLB Power Rankings a few weeks ago, no longer hold a wild-card spot in the American League, but look surprisingly well within reach of a post-season berth. So do teams like the Diamondbacks and the White Sox, who could very well be just one hot streak away from a surprise playoff appearance.

On the other hand, certified squads like the Red Sox and Brewers, who have high positions in our rankings, seem to be at risk of not getting a chance to play in October, as both teams currently find themselves beneath the wild-card cutline.

But after the dust settles at the end of September, when all of the possible surprises and upsets prove to be real or fake, where will each of the 30 teams stand? Here’s a prediction for which teams will make the playoffs in the AL and NL ahead of the second half of the season:

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