I bought a $69 bidet attachment for my toilet in an effort to be more eco-friendly and hygienic — and now I can’t imagine not having one

tushy bidet attachment amazon

Tushy offers affordable, decor-friendly bidet attachments that turn virtually any toilet into a bidet (a device that sprays your behind clean, FYI) for under $70.
Founded by entrepreneur Miki Agrawal, Tushy is about more than cleanliness. It’s also an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to toilet paper, seeing as the average American family spends $500 — or two trees’ worth of TP — on flushable paper per year.
Using a bidet also helps prevent UTIs, yeast infections, and hemorrhoids. As a devoted fan, I can honestly say it makes you feel so much fresher and cleaner than wiping.
Currently, Tushy is offering Bussiness Insider readers 10% off their purchase with the discount code “BUSINESSPICKS”. The bidet attatchment is also available on Amazon, but without a discount.

“If a bird pooped on you, would you wipe it off with paper, or wash it away?”

The words of Miki Agrawal, the founder of Tushy, a company that sells $69 bidet attachments, haunted me for days.

After listening to Agrawal wax poetic about the benefits of a good bidet spray via one of my favorite wellness podcasts, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed — no, deserved — a bidet of my very own. She made it sound so necessary. So eco-friendly. So healthy.

Still, when I finally clicked “Add to Cart” on the White Bamboo Tushy Classic (arguably the most fashion-forward toilet accessory in existence), I braced myself for the embarrassment I’d feel when the package arrived and my husband spotted it. After all, installing a bidet in my bathroom was pretty much equivalent to admitting that I actually, you know, use the bathroom — something I’ve been able to all but …read more

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